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Heal the Nations
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Our vision is to improve the health of children and families in underdeveloped communities throughout the world while sharing the love of Christ. We are developing successful community health programs that integrate preventive and curative healthcare with promotion of economic and spiritual development.

We are changing the world, one village at a time.

Heal the Nations sponsors a community health program in twenty isolated villages in Rakai district, Uganda. Child mortality rates have been substantially reduced. Read more about the program here.

We have been involved in India for several years, and are sponsoring a community health program in North Bengal, India, near the Nepal border. Learn about the program here.

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The major goal for our community health programs is to save and enhance the lives of children and their families. This is accomplished through the following objectives:

  1. Improvement of nutrition.
  2. Immunize all children.
  3. Improve women's health.
  4. Promote birth spacing (family planning).
  5. Teach prevention of AIDS and other sexually-transmitted diseases.
  6. Reduce gastrointestinal diseases.
  7. Treat malaria and unexplained fevers.

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